Lay-flat Pouches

  • Three Side Seal Pouches

    Three Side Seal Pouches

    Three side seal pouches, also known as flat pouches, are sealed on the two sides and bottom, and the top is left open for filling the content. This type of pouches is cost-effective flat pouches, not only easy to fill the products but also consumes more ingredients. It is the perfect option for simple, single serve, on the go snacks or sample size products to use as giveaways. Flat pouches are also a very popular choice for vacuum packaging and frozen food packaging.

  • Pillow Pouches

    Pillow Pouches

    Pillow pouches are one of the most traditional and all time favoured forms of flexible packaging, and have been used to package various product forms.These pouches are formed with the shape of a pillow and consist of a bottom, top and back seal.The top-side is usually left open for filling the contents.

  • Side Gusseted Pouches

    Side Gusseted Pouches

    Side gusseted pouches have two side gussets located along the sides of pouches, maximizing the storage capacity, are a great choice for packing large volume of products.  Besides, these types of pouches takes less room while still provide plenty of canvas space for displaying and marketing your brand. With the features of  relatively modest cost of production, eye-catching shelf life and competitive cost of purchase, side gusset pouches are an important component part in the flexible packaging industry.

  • Vacuum Pouches

    Vacuum Pouches

    Vacuum packing is a method of packing that removes air from a package before sealing it. The purpose of vacuum packaging is usually to remove oxygen from the container to extend the shelf life of the food, and to adopt flexible packaging forms to reduce the contents and the volume of the packaging.