Confectionery Packaging

Confectionery Packaging

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Confectionery products include candy, chocolates, and other sweet treats. Finding the perfect confectionery packaging is not easy. Not only does your packaging need to attract consumers’ attention among the many confectionery options, but also need to meet consumers’ expectation including easy opening, portability, long shelf-life, ease of use, and reclosability. We’re a fully integrated flexible packaging manufacturer and can provide you with a variety of confectionery packaging options.

Main flexible packaging options for confectionery include:

Rollstock film - Custom printed rollstock film for HFFS and VFFS applications

Pillow pouches - Pillow pouches are a common type for candy and confectionery packaging, often used to hold pre-wrapped candies or mini chocolate bars.

Stand up pouches - The bottom gusset allow the bags to expand so that they carry more candy in a single bag, while also stand still on shelves with more room for branding.

Shaped pouches - shaped pouches can be cut to almost any shape, a great packaging solution to catch the consumers‘ more attention than normal pouches.

Some of the many features available for Confectionery packaging

Tear Notch

Easy to tear without tools

Resealable Zippers

Good sealing and reusable

Clear Window

Most customers want to see the packaging content before buying. Adding a transparent window can show your confectionery products quality.

Exquisite Printing

High-definition colors and graphics will help your products stand out on retail shelves. You can choose glossy transparent elements on matte packaging surface to draw customers’ attention. Also, holographic and glazing technology and metallic effects technology will make your flexible packaging pouches premium look.

Special Shaped Design

Shaped pouches can be cut to almost any shape, better eye-catching than normal pouches

Hang Hole

Bags with a pre-cut hole allow them to hang easily from hooks so that they can be displayed in an attractive way.

Additional options available on request

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