The Difference between Plastic Packaging Bags and Plastic Packaging Roll Film


The plastic packaging products produced by plastic packaging bag manufacturers are divided into two forms, one is plastic packaging bags , and the other is plastic packaging roll stock film  with a paper tube in the center. So, what are the differences between plastic packaging bags and plastic packaging roll film? These two packaging products have their own characteristics and differences, specifically the following points:

1. Plastic packaging bags are preformed packaging bags.

The plastic packaging bags produced by the plastic packaging bags manufacturer has been sealed with three sides and with one side open. The main bag shapes include three side seal pouch, stand up bottom gusset pouch, flat bottom pouch, side gusset bag, quad seal bags, back seal pillow pouch.  When the customer uses the plastic packaging bag, after putting the product into the plastic packaging bag, he only needs to seal it again. Some products that need to be vacuumed use vacuum packaging bags, and the work of vacuuming and sealing can be completed on the vacuuming equipment, which is very convenient.

Plastic packaging bags manufacturers generally calculate the minimum order quantity and quotation of plastic packaging bags according to “pieces”, and the payment for customers is also calculated according to “pieces”

2. Plastic packaging roll film is a semi-finished plastic packaging bag.  

Plastic packaging roll film is also called film roll stock film, rollstock, rollstock film, printing rolls, etc., but the names are different, and they are essentially the same form of plastic packaging bags. Plastic packaging roll film is a roll of packaging film that is printed and compounded. There is no bag making process in the printing factory. There is a paper tube in the center of this packaging roll film. The size of the paper tube is fixed (usually 3 inches) and the width is customized according to the customer’s request. The width of packaging roll film varies.

When the plastic packaging roll film is delivered to the customer, the customer needs to have an automatic filling machine. The plastic packaging roll film completes the entire process of bag making, filling, sealing, and coding on the automatic packaging machine.

The minimum order quantity and quotation for plastic packaging roll film are calculated based on “kg”. The minimum order quantity of most flexible packaging manufacturers’ plastic packaging roll stock film is 300kg. The number of finished packaging bags produced from rollstock film with different widths and thicknesses may vary greatly, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The final product effects of plastic packaging bags and plastic packaging roll films are the same. Generally, particularly small plastic packaging bags, packaging bags that need to be inflated or re-sterilized during packaging, and packaging processes that require very high packaging efficiency and a relatively high degree of automation. Such products are suitable to be made into the form of plastic packaging rollstock films.

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Post time: Sep-11-2023