What is the most commonly used packaging technique to ensure the freshness of coffee


Ensuring the freshness of coffee is very important to coffee lovers. Aroma is an important part of coffee flavor. It is directly related to the taste and freshness of coffee. Protecting coffee aroma from external elements is one of the key functions of good coffee packaging. In the packaging process of coffee, the use of appropriate packaging technology can effectively extend the shelf life of coffee and maintain its freshness. At present, the most commonly used coffee packaging technologies mainly include one-way degassing valve packaging, nitrogen filling packaging and vacuum packaging.

At present, the most popular coffee packaging (/coffee-and-tea-packaging/) method is one-way degassing valve packaging. In 1970, Italian Luigi Goglio invented the one-way degassing valve packaging bag. Since the roasted coffee beans will produce carbon dioxide, this air valve can discharge the carbon dioxide into the bag, and it can also block the oxygen outside the bag from entering the bag to oxidize the beans, thus ensuring the fresh quality of coffee and eliminating the risk of bulge, swelling or bursting of coffee bags. In addition, the air valve is installed on the coffee bag, and the customer can directly squeeze the bag when purchasing, and the aroma of the coffee can be directly released from the bag so that the customer can smell its aroma, so that the customer can better confirm the freshness of the coffee. Therefore, it is very important to install a one-way degassing valve on the coffee bag. To be more precise: there must be a plastic one-way degassing valve on the professional coffee bag!  

Nitrogen filling packaging is also a commonly used coffee packaging technology. This technology uses nitrogen to remove the air in the coffee packaging bag during the coffee packaging process, and injects pure nitrogen into the bag. The addition of nitrogen can effectively reduce the chance of coffee powder in contact with oxygen and reduce the occurrence of oxidation reactions. Maintain the freshness and quality of your coffee. Nitrogen can also avoid oxidation and deterioration of coffee powder and prolong the shelf life of coffee.

The third is vacuum packaging. This technology uses a vacuum packaging machine to pack coffee in a sealed bag, and achieves a vacuum state by extracting the air in the bag. The advantage of this is that it can fundamentally prevent oxygen and moisture from invading the coffee, so as to maintain the freshness of the coffee. In a vacuum environment, the reaction of oxygen and moisture will lead to a decline in the quality of the coffee, and the packaged coffee tends to retain its aroma and taste for a longer time.

No matter what packaging technology is used, the airtightness of coffee packaging is essential. A proper seal can better prevent outside oxygen and moisture from entering the bag. In addition, coffee packaging should also have light resistance to prevent direct sunlight from reducing the quality of coffee.

In general, one-way degassing valve packaging, nitrogen filling packaging and vacuum packaging are the most commonly used packaging technologies to ensure coffee freshness. These technologies can effectively prevent oxygen and moisture from entering the coffee, extend the shelf life of the coffee, and maintain the aroma and taste of the coffee. To ensure the best coffee quality, it is crucial to choose the right packaging technology, while also paying attention to the airtightness and light resistance of the packaging. Only in this way can consumers be provided with a consistent high-quality coffee experience.

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Post time: Aug-16-2023