Nowadays, flexible Packaging is widely used on snacks packaging, such as nuts packaging, popcorn packaging, biscuit packaging, jerk packaging, candy packaing, etc. There are several reasons why most snacks on the market now use flexible packaging.

Why do most snacks on the market use flexible packaging


First, flexible packaging is lighter and easier to carry and store than traditional hard packaging. For young and female consumers, they pay more attention to portability and convenience, and flexible packaging just meets this demand.

Second, flexible packaging can better protect the freshness and taste of food in a variety of ways. On the one hand, flexible packaging uses multiple layers of composite materials, one of which is usually aluminum foil or other barrier material. This material can effectively isolate the intrusion of oxygen, moisture and light, and slow down the oxidation and deterioration of snacks. This extends the shelf life of the snack, maintaining its freshness and taste. On the other hand, flexible packaging has good sealing properties. Packaging bags are usually equipped with a sealing strip or sealing film, which can effectively prevent air and moisture from entering the package interior. This keeps the snacks from becoming soft or spoiled by moisture. At the same time, the sealing performance can also prevent the fragrance in the snacks from escaping, and maintain its original fragrance and taste. In addition, flexible packaging can also provide a certain degree of shock resistance and pressure resistance. During transportation and storage, flexible packaging can reduce the extrusion and collision of snacks from the outside world, and maintain their shape integrity and taste.  

Finally, the design of flexible packaging is flexible and diverse, which can better display the characteristics and brand image of the product, especially for stand up pouches and flat bottom pouches. Through unique patterns, colors and text, flexible packaging can attract consumers’ attention and increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of products.

To sum up, flexible packaging is widely used in the snack food market, mainly because of its advantages such as portability, freshness preservation and design flexibility.

Post time: Jul-25-2023