Coffee and Tea Packaging

Coffee And Tea Packaging

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Coffee and Tea


High-quality coffee and tea packaging is very important when storing premium, hand-crafted coffee and delicate teas. Coffee bags and tea packaging selected are a significant determinant of the brand's success. We can provide you with custom printed flexible packaging with plenty of real estate available to tell your brand story, including the full front, back, and side panels of stand up pouches, and the front and back of lay flat pouches or pillow pouches.

Coffee releases carbon dioxide after roasting, so adding a innovative one-way degassing valve to the coffee package allows carbon dioxide to escape from the bag without allowing oxygen to return, ensuring longer shelf life, optimal flavor and freshness. Popular coffee packaging options include Stand-Up Pouches, Quad Style Pouches, Box Pouches, Lay-Flat Pouches.

Coffee and tea packaging pouches needs to be made of high barrier films to keep oxygen, moisture and dust out, while locking in the aroma. 

We also can add press-to-close zippers to safeguard your coffee grounds and tea leaves, keeping the contents fresh and protecting them from accidental spillage. 

coffee pouch

Popular Coffee Packaging Bags

side gusseted coffee bag

Flat Bottom Coffee Pouch

Flat bottom coffee bags combine the best features of quad seal side gusseted bags and stand up pouches, which can hold more coffee in a smaller bag, while also stand better on shelves.

Stand Up Bottom Gusset Coffee pouches

Stand up pouch coffee bags are very normal and popular products in the market, made of two panels and a bottom gusset. A resealable zipper can keep coffee fresher longer. We can also add a clear window on the bags to let customer see what's inside. Stand up bottom gusset bags can be installed with a degassing valve and so on.

Side Gusset Coffee Pouch

Side gusseted coffee bags are a traditional choice by roasters and coffee shops, available in different styles including foil, poly, quad seal, middle seal bags and paper bags.

Three Side Seal Coffee and Tea Bags

Three side seal coffee bags are another option for coffee packaging. These bags are in many sizes and usually regarded as single-use packaging, mainly serving as on the go coffee packaging bags, also ideal as sample size coffee bags.

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