Why Spouted Pouch


In recent years, there have been more and more applications of plastic spouted pouches on the market, and they have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. There are multiple reasons behind this trend:

First of all, the convenience of plastic spouted bags is deeply favored by people.

Compared with traditional packaging forms, such as glass bottles or cans, using spout bags is more convenient. Products containing liquid or semi-solid substances can be enjoyed directly with just one puff. Not only do you not need to use other utensils, but you can also avoid spills during use. This fast way of use is welcomed by modern people affected by the busy pace of life.

Secondly, the multi-functional application of the spouted pouches is also one of the reasons for its wide application.

This bag can be used to pack various liquid and semi-solid products, such as jams, juices, beverages, dairy products, seasonings and more. At the same time, for products that require precise control of intake, such as medicines and nutritional products, plastic spout bags can also provide convenience. This multi-functional application makes the plastic spout bag suitable for various occasions and meets the different needs of people.

In addition, spoutbag has good product freshness preservation performance.

Usually, this kind of plastic bags will adopt a sealed design to effectively prevent the entry of external factors such as oxygen and moisture, so as to maintain the freshness and taste of the product. For liquid or semi-solid products that are prone to spillage or contamination, spoutbag provides better protection. The improvement of fresh-keeping performance can not only extend the shelf life of products, but also bring better experience to consumers.

The wide application of plastic spouted pouches with nozzle is also inseparable from its economic and environmental protection characteristics.

Compared with traditional packaging materials, plastic spouted bags are lower in material and production costs. At the same time, because it is light in weight, easy to fold, and takes up less space, it can save transportation and storage costs. In addition, the plastic spout/nozzle bag can also reduce the consumption of resources and the generation of waste, and has a small burden on the environment. This economical and environmentally friendly advantage is also one of the reasons for its increasing application.

Finally, the application of plastic spout bag also provides opportunities for brand marketing. 

Such bags, especially stand up spouted pouches,can usually be printed with logos and information, on which brand owners can display their image and product features, improving brand exposure and consumer awareness. This brand marketing advantage makes many companies more inclined to use plastic spout bags to promote their products and establish a brand image.

There are more and more reasons for the application of spouted pouches in the market, such as convenience, multi-functional application, good product preservation performance, economical and environmental protection, and brand marketing advantages. As people’s demand for convenience and high-quality packaging continues to increase, plastic spout bags are bound to further expand their application range.

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Post time: Aug-25-2023