Stand Up Pouches

  • Shaped Pouches

    Shaped Pouches

    Shaped pouches pose as good shelf options for brand appeal. They are very user-friendly and handy. Using high-grade manufacturing and printing technology, our shaped pouches can be designed whatever shape packages your product best  in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • Bottom Gusseted Pouches

    Bottom Gusseted Pouches

    Bottom gusset pouches are the most commonly used stand-up pouches. Bottom gussets are found at the bottom of flexible pouches. They are further divided into plow bottom, K-seal, and round bottom gussets. K-Seal Bottom and Plow Bottom gusset pouches are modified from round bottom gusset pouches in order to get more capacity capability.

  • Flat Bottom Pouches

    Flat Bottom Pouches

    Flat bottom pouches are the food packaging industry’s new favorite, getting more and more popular. They have many names, such as block bottom pouch, box pouch, brick pouch, square bottom bags, etc. They are are 5-sided, enhancing shelf appeal with five panels of printable surface area to display your product or brand effectively. Besides, box pouches are more stable on shelves and are easy to stack providing convenience both to retailers and consumers, which will enhance the market competitiveness, and is conducive to product brand construction and brand publicity.

  • Zipper Pouches

    Zipper Pouches

    Easy to open and easy to close, press-to-close zippers are an excellent, cost-effective recloseable/resealable option for many types of flexible pouches, including both stand-up pouches and lay-flat pouches, effective in preventing contamination or spills and for preserving product freshness.

  • Spouted Pouches

    Spouted Pouches

    Spouted pouches are a popular flexible packaging option for many industries, especially for liquid & semi-liquid products . The design for these spouted pouches is user friendly and more applicable as compared to other options with the feature of ease of dispensing.  The spouted pouch products we provide use high-grade manufacturing and printing technology and can safely store and transport both liquid and dry products without the mess.  The size and form can be customized as per clients need and requirement.